Clean and Dry


  • News paper, magazines, brochures, mail, books, junk mail, cereal and corrugated cardboard. Bigger boxes need to be flattened and tied with string. Place it next to the bin.
  • Cardboard packaging and boxes.
  • Office paper and till slips.
  • Cigarette boxes.


  • Plastic bottles and containers.
  • Cling wrap. Separate from tray and remove bar code or any other paper.
  • Plastic bags. Place similar bags into one and make sure they are empty.
  • Plastic numbered #1 to #7 including yogurt and margarine tubs. Numbers are located under or on the side in a recycling symbol.
  • Take away containers free of food residues, rinsed and cleaned.
  • Tetra Pack. E.g. Liqui Fruit, Long-Life Milk.


  • Beer, wine and drinking bottles.
  • Food jars and bottles…..Remember NO broken glass.


  • Food cans that have been cleaned. Try and open the can with the lid still attached and press it back into the can.
  • Beverage cans.
  • Old pots and pans. Aerosol cans.


  • Ink cartridges
  • E-waste: electronic equipment.
  • Electric appliances.

Plastic products have numbers indicating what type of polymer it’s made from.
Use dirty dishwater to clean items before placing in recycling bags. Whenever possible crush items so it takes up less space.
Don’t crumple paper it takes up more space.
To learn more about recyclable products visit our links page.

What cannot be recycled!

  • Used tissues or diapers.
  • Packaging that has a foil base e.g. chips and chocolates.
  • Anything that is contaminated with food residues.
  • Poison containers or anything that contained hazardous materials.
  • Window/mirror glass
  • Glass with any form of laminate on it e.g. tinted windows.
  • Anything that looks recyclable but has excess glue attached.
  • Items made of several layers. Even if all the layers are recyclable it still needs to be separated e.g. specialized packaging with paper on the outside and plastic liner inside.
  • Spongy plastics used for packaging. Return to retailer.
  • Specialized plastic packaging. Something that looks like it belongs on the international space station cannot be recycled.

Contact us for information on hazardous waste disposal.