Home collections

  • Blue 240 liter wheelie Bin.
  • Only clear bin liners may be used. Bin liners are supplied by Open Sky -60 up-front for the first six months (R90 of Recycled bags Included).
  • All recoverable materials are placed into a refuge bag and then into the Open Sky bin for collection. Don’t place items loose in the bin as it won’t be collected.
  • Items have to be clean and dry. (Free of food residues and liquids)
  • Cardboard boxes no matter how small needs to be flattened.
  • Plastic bottles need to be squashed and milk bottles need to be rinsed as well.
  • It has to be recyclable. See waste guide

As up to 75% of your waste is recyclable it is advisable that you use the clear bin liners in your main bin in the kitchen and have a smaller bin available for the black bin liners or non recyclable waste. We use clear bags so we can see if the recyclables are dry and clean. Any soiled or excessively wet bags will not be collected. Clear bags available to order on the menu above.

Standard Centurion Recycling service for Home and business Collections

You get a 240 liter wheelie bin as well as 60 bin liners when you signup with a subscription of R85 per month.

  • Two collections per month or 12 collections in total.
  • Including 240 liter dustbin with 60 Blue bin liners.

The big Blue 240 liter bin stays the property of Open Sky, the big bin is intended for street or curbside collection and is the responsibility of the subscriber.