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"What we do today, right now, will have an accumulated effect on all of our tommorrows."--Alexandra Stoddard,

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Open Sky Recycling Pretoria, Centurion & Midrand  Home & Business Recycling Collection Pick up Services

How our standard recycling service for home & business recycling collection service works for you.

You simply register to have your recycling collected by clicking on the sign up button below for R227.00 once off and get a 240 litre Open Sky Blue wheelie recycling bin delivered to your home , estate or office as well as 60 Clear 100% recycled bin liners with a monthly subscription of only R96.00 per month - less than R3 a day. All prices Incl VAT.

Service Includes; One 240 liter Open Sky Blue wheelie recycling bin for all mixed recycables. 

60 Clear 100% Recycled bin liners (R 69 Included)

Two Home , Estate, Business collections per month.  

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What recycling materials can you put into your one blue Open Sky Recycling bin ?

Clean and dry items listed below that can be recycled are ALL placed MIXED together into our clear bags and then into your Open Sky Blue Recycle Bin.100% Hasslefree. We sort , separate and recycle! 

Recycling Items that have a SIGNIFICANT environmental impact ; 

  • Plastic- Plastic bottles, containers, Cling wrap (Separate from tray and remove bar code or any other paper) plastic bags, plastic tubs numbered #1 to #7 including yogurt and margarine tubs (Numbers are located under or on the side in a recycling symbol) and take away food containers free of food residues, rinsed and cleaned. Polystrene 
  • Glass - Beer, wine, food jars and drinking bottles.
  • Metals - Food cans that have been cleaned. (Try and open the can with the lid still attached and press it back into the can. This way it stays one can and doesn’t become a can and a cutting instrument). Beverage cans, old pots /pans and aerosol cans.
  • Other harmful recycling products- Ink cartridges, Domestic batteries, globes, E-waste: electronic equipment, Electric appliances.
  • Tetra Pak


Mixed together with items that DO NOT have a Significant Environmental Impact;

  • Like Paper, News paper, magazines, brochures, mail, books, junk mail, cereal, office paper, till slips, cigarette boxes and corrugated cardboard. All Cardboard boxes need to be flattened and if too large tied with string and placed next to the bin.


Everyone is trying to accomplish something big - NOT realising that life is made of little things. By spending an extra three minutes a day on one easy recycling activity, you will create jobs, decrease carbon consumption, increase free land space, reduce pollution, and save energy, will you do it? Can you , your business and your family afford not to?


Estimated at least 60% of ALL your current waste Open Sky can recycle!

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